Chenango Fire Company Line Officers 2017
Chief 66
Dave Leader
1st Assistant Chief 66A Russ Carey
2nd Assistant Chief 66B Adam Bowman
3rd Assistant Chief 66C Gary Lewis
Station 1 Captain  
Station 2 Captain  
Station 1 Lieutenant Aaron Winsor
Station 1 Lieutenant Jason Cummings
Station 1 Lieutenant Bryan Cohen
Station 2 Lieutenant James Ellis
Station 2 Lieutenant  
Safety Officer Bud Eaton
Training Officer Russ Carey
Assistant Training Officer Adam Bowman
Assistant Training Officer Frank Pickering
Fire Marshal David Conklin
Fire Police Captain Richard Trebilcock
Fire Police Lieutenant Richard Riesen
Fire Police Lieutenant Bud Eaton


Chenango Fire Company Businesss Officers 2017
Dave Conklin
Vice-President Ann Leader
Treasurer Jodi Carey
Assistant Treasurer Melissa Conklin
Secretary Michelle Episale
Assistant Secretary

Cristina Conklin

Chaplain Adam Bowman
Sergeant At Arms Austin Lindow


Chenango Fire Company Board Of Directors 2017
Board Member - Chairman
Ann Leader
Board Member Austin Lindow
Board Member Bob Spoor
Board Member Jason Cummings
Board Member Jodi Carey
Board Member

Bud Eaton

Board Member Frank Pickering
Board Member Alan Bennett


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